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Mixed Media Painting

Meri Bellopede embellishes her mixed media painting with beads, gesso and more.

Meri Bellopede was born and raised in Vancouver, but spent the last seven years of her life living in Italy. While there, she worked as an events coordinator for the United Nations. She loved the work and says during her down time she was inspired by the amazing art on display in the building.

Materials and Tools:

tubes of acrylic paint in various colors
cup of water
half round glass beads
strands of beads
strands of pearls
stars from holiday garland
glue gun and hot-glue sticks
decorative rice paper
spray varnish
white glue
black permanent marker
computer printouts of phrases


Step 3

1. Sketch the selected design onto blank canvas with a pencil. Darken the lines using charcoal.

2. Paint the design, diluting the acrylic paint with water.

Step 5

3. Cut out computer printed words or phrases and glue to the picture.

4. Apply gesso in selected areas of the design for extra texture. Let dry.

5. After the gesso is dried, reapply acrylic paint to those areas.

Step 7

6. Hot-glue small strands of beads, pearls and other jewelry onto the canvas. Hot-glue half-round glass beads to the canvas. Cut stars from a Christmas garland and hot-glue them to the canvas.

7. Cut shaped pieces of decorative rice paper. Apply shapes to the canvas using white glue. Let dry.

Steps 9-10

8. Draw facial features with a black permanent marker. Outline the figures with a black marker.

9. Spray the mixed media canvas painting with varnish spray. Let dry.

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