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Funky Beeswax Dress Vase

Tracy Roos applies beeswax to a dress to create her funky vase.

Materials and Tools:

premium candle wax
dammar varnish
fabric (sleeve from gauze blouse)
sheer fabric with embossed design
vintage doll dress as a guide
vintage brads
satin ribbon
velvet leaves
fabric flowers
3 rhinestone buttons
needle and thread
tissue paper
small vase
cut flower


1. Melt one part beeswax, two parts premium candle wax and 1-teaspoon of dammar varnish on the low setting in a crock-pot.

2. Cut the sleeve from a gauze blouse. Place the sleeve over a vintage doll dress to use as a guide for cutting and shaping the new dress. Cut a V neck in the top of the sleeve and an armhole on each side.

3. Hand-sew the shoulder seams together.

4. Cut a rectangle of sheer embossed fabric for an apron. Hand-sew a running stitch across one long side of the rectangle. Pull the thread to gather.

5. Sew the gathered edge of the apron onto the front of the dress at the waistline.

6. Sew three rhinestone buttons on the front of the dress at the neckline.

7. Push the end of a vintage brad through a velvet leaf and a stem of fabric flowers. Push the brad through the back of the dress and close the end of the brad on the inside of the dress.

8. Add another vintage brad with flowers and leaves onto the front of the dress.

9. Cut a piece of satin ribbon, tie it in a bow and stitch it to the top of the apron.

10. Slide a chopstick through the arms of the dress to support it for dipping into the wax.

11. Dip the dress into the heated beeswax in the crock-pot. Lift it out of the wax and let it drip over the crock-pot.

12. As the dress begins to cool, place your hand inside the dress to shape it. It will take three to five minutes for the wax to cool.

13. Use the chopstick as a paintbrush and add a little melted wax around the neckline. Sprinkle the wax with glitter.

14. Write desired saying on tissue paper with a pen. Cut out the tissue paper phrase.

15. Dip the tissue paper strip in the hot wax. Apply it around the bottom of the skirt of the dress and smooth it. The tissue paper will become transparent. Let it cool.

16. Place a cut flower into a small vase. Slip the funky beeswax dress over the vase.

Tracy Roos has been making crafts as long as she can remember. Her artist mother taught her how to express herself through arts and crafts. In college she majored in psychology and pursued the medical profession. After a few years of being discontented as a psychologist, she decided to return to her artistic passions.


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