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23 Things You Didn't Know About Alice Fakier

Read all about the design star of's Ask Alice.

Her favorite movie set:
"The Wizard of Oz was the first movie to use Technicolor and that was so amazing. And that land of Oz: that's creativity at its best. And it still works as well today as it did when it came out."

Her favorite museum:
"I spent days last year going through the Smithsonian in Washington. Each museum had its own fascinating piece of art or history. It would take weeks to really see and absorb it all."

Her favorite music:
"I like everything but hard rock."

The last book she read:
"Jonathan Adler's latest design book, but I mostly looked at the pictures!"

Her least favorite color:
"I'd have to say bright yellow."

Latest color combination:
"I love pink and red. I've been working on a guest room that's pale pink walls with a firecracker red bed with a pink and red check silk cover. It's sassy and sweet. It's an unexpected combination that's surprisingly beautiful."

What she learned from being on Design Star:
"I learned to watch what I say, especially if it's all being recorded. The best thing was making new friends. Thing I'd do differently? Use the time during the challenges more constructively."

Her take on the latest design trends:
"Everything is going green. McMansions with very little architectural integrity are still popping up everywhere. Global influences are making interesting and exotic design elements available to everyone."

Her favorite flower:
"I'd put an orchid in a simple vase or pot. The flower should not have to complete with the vase for attention."

What she'd grab first in a fire:
"Gaston [her cat] and my photo albums."

Her most prized possessions:
"The most prized and precious things to me are not possessions but people."

What she wanted to be when she grew up:
"It varied from a ballerina to a psychologist to a lawyer to a designer."

Her first design project:
"Making Barbie clothes."

What's on her nightstand:
"It's covered with design magazines."

Her favorite artist:
"Henry Matisse! I love the colors and bold execution."

Her take on the biggest design mistake people make:
"Not doing anything because they don’t know what to do."

Her essential tools of your design trade:
"Books, magazines and a paint deck"

Can’t live without:
"A paint deck."

Her last splurge:
"The purchase of three marble cake stands that cost way too much. I justify it by telling myself I'll own them forever."

Her favorite designers:
"Sheila Bridges and Jeffrey Bilhuber. Both have great, unfussy style."

Her favorite architect:
"Hays Town. He's from Louisiana, of course."

Her take on small vs. large budgets:
"I prefer small budgets; they always make for more interesting challenges."

Her favorite color:
"I'm seeing more clients lose their fear of trying new colors. It's like 'anything goes.' But I love white. It's a clean classic that goes with anything, including bold, contemporary colors."

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