Makeover Magic: A Makeover From the Art

Take a look at the before-after transformation created by architect Andreas Charalmbous. It all started with a favorite piece of art.

  • This overcrowded space gave the arriving visitor a negative impression.
  • A larger, decluttered space, gives the visitor a place to arrive and gives the Matisse a prominent place to hang.
  • Too much stuff with a small entrance way makes this space claustrophobic.
  • An enlarged opening between the living room and dining room combined with sleek modern furnishings creates a more open feel.
  • This room is drab and awkward.
  • New furnishings and accessories make this room contemporary and timeless.
  • The kitchen had a cookie cutter feel.
  • Concrete, glass, stainless steel and wood make the kitchen one-of-a-kind. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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