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Unique Window Drapes

Get the latest window treatment ideas and curtain updates -- without breaking your budget -- from Alice Fakier, a HGTV Design Star finalist.

Alice's Tips:

  • Cut off any additional ties on your curtain that aren’t used.
  • To have your drapes meet in the center, share the center peg with both panels.

Materials and Tools:

flip flops pegs - Hobby Lobby
iron bird hooks - Hobby Lobby
2 fabric panels (Lavender Crinkle Voile Curtain Panel) - World Market
hammer and nails


1. Pick out your unique item.

2. Hang your center sandal first and then measure your window to figure out how to space out the rest of your window hangers.

3. Hammer in nails and hang your sandals.

4. Un-roll your crinkle drapes.

5. Hang your drapes.


    • Flip flops pegs and iron bird hooks from Hobby Lobby
      Lavender crinkle voile curtain panels from World Market
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