Selling for a New Job

A screened porch, kitchen and living room all get revamped for a profitable sale.

Living/Dining Room Before

The homeowners love it, but potential buyers may find it overwhelming. The busy, multipurpose room feels cramped because the humongous couch takes up three-quarters of the room. The real estate expert commented that the commercial-looking blinds made her feel like she was in a doctor's waiting room. The dining area is rather blah. Because it is the only dining area in the home, it should be jazzed up and better defined.

The real estate expert thought the cozy kitchen (not shown) was too brown. She immediately noticed the scratches and dents in the cabinets, then gave the dated tile backsplash a big thumbs down. When describing the laminate countertop, she sounded like a young chicken because all she could say was "cheap, cheap, cheap!"

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