Elegant and Classic Dining Room

What was once brown, beige and boring is transformed into stunning and elegant. With ideas from the Design Remix team, this dining room is now the centerpiece of the home.

  • This dining room table is much too small to fit the homeowner's extended family.
  • Two leaves extend the dining room table and the room becomes an inviting space for all of Lena's family.
  • The dining room is the entryway and central room in this house.
  • A classic color palette of sage green and white with a silver accent color sets the tone for Lena's home.
  • Lampshades and beads turn a contemporary piece into a traditional fixture.
  • Inexpensive frames help Lena's family photos look like they're in a gallery exhibit.
  • Salvaged fabrics are used to create a beautiful runner for the dining room table.
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