Elegant and Classic Dining Room

What was once brown, beige and boring is transformed into stunning and elegant. With ideas from the Design Remix team, this dining room is now the centerpiece of the home.

Before: Miles To Go

Buying that first house is an endeavor; making it a home is the real work. Lena Robinson's dining room is the center of her house, but it doesn't feel like the heart of her home — yet. She's using what she's got, but it just isn't working.

Lena's dining table is too small to seat her extended family. The chairs are nicked up and mismatched. Glass doors are missing and the wood cabinet that sits below in the built-in armoire is only halfway stripped. The painted fireplace is too heavy and rustic. Other than that, it's a perfectly lovely dining room. Host Karen McAloon restores a classic homey feel with faux paint treatments, a revamped table and shimmering accents. Lena's dream dining room is inviting and elegant.

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