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On the Edge

Edging materials not only create crisp, clean edges but also keep grass from growing into adjacent beds.

Some of the more popular edging materials include stone, steel, wood and fiberglass, says Gardening by the Yard host Paul James. But now there is a new one that is taking edging to the next level. It is made of a special resin mix which, after a few minutes in the sun, is flexible enough to work with.

To install it, dig a 4-inch-deep trench to establish the area to be edged, lay the edging in the trench, and firm the soil on either side of it. But there is more to this new type of edging. Hook your hose to one end of the edging, put an end cap on the other end, install several emitters along the length of the edging and you've got a combination edging and irrigation system.

String trimmer/blower

Another new gardening gadget is this string trimmer/blower. After you've finished trimming and edging, simply flip the handle and the trimmer becomes a blower.

hydro edging - Easy Gardener Products, Inc.
edger - Hound Dog
string trimmer with blower - Sears

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