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Cool Wrist Cuff

Tara Williams adheres a cool flower cufflink to her pink-and-black acrylic wrist cuff.

Materials and Tools:

1/8" pick acrylic sheet and black acrylic sheet
12" metal ruler
acrylic glue with syringe applicator
plastic edger
plastic cutter
window cleaner
soft cloth
oven and oven mitts
baking sheet covered with aluminum foil
C-frame handsaw
size 0 saw blades (1 dozen)
hand drill with small drill bit
dish soap
rubber cement
wrist bracelet mandrel
photocopy of clip art flower

Step 1


1. To make a wrist cuff to fit a 7-inch wrist, measure a sheet of pink acrylic, marking a 12" x 3" strip. Clamp the acrylic sheet to the table and place the metal ruler along the marked line. Score the plastic about 10 times with the cutter. Support the sheet on the edge of a desk or table and snap it along the scored line. Note: Acrylic sheets have a protective paper covering.

Step 2

2. Find and mark the center of the pink strip. Along the top edge, make marks 3-1/2" on each side of the center mark. Along the bottom edge, make marks 5-1/2" on each side of the center mark. Connect the outermost marks from top to bottom on the right edge and do the same on the left edge.

Steps 3-4

3. Score the diagonal lines and break the acrylic leaving a piece 9-1/2" wide on the bottom edge x 6-1/2" wide on the top edge x 3" high.

4. Measure and mark the black acrylic to be used as the accent color following the same process, but making the piece slightly larger for a piece 10-1/2" wide on the bottom edge x 7-1/2" wide on the top edge x 3" high. Score and snap the black acrylic sheet as described above.

Step 5

5. Smooth and scrape each edge with a plastic edger until smooth. Use sandpaper as a final smoother.

Step 6

6. Remove the protective film from both strips. Heat both acrylic strips on an aluminum foil-covered baking sheet in a 200-degree oven until pliable, about 10 minutes.

Step 7

7. Wearing oven mitts, shape each sheet, one at a time, around a wrist bracelet mandrel as a guide. Allow the strips to cool.

Step 8

8. Remove the strips from the mandrel and apply acrylic glue to the seams to adhere the two acrylic cuff strips together with the pink strip placed over the black strip.

Steps 9-11

9. Roughly cut around the paper photocopy of the flower pattern to be used as a cufflink on the wrist cuff. Adhere it to a scrap piece of black acrylic with rubber cement. Let dry.

10. With a hand drill, drill a small starter hole in the flower design to insert the saw blade. Lubricate the saw blade with dish soap.

11. Cut out the flower design with a C-frame handsaw.

Step 12

12. Peel off the protective paper and the paper design. Place the acrylic flower on an aluminum-covered baking sheet in a 200-degree oven for 10 minutes. Remove it from the oven using oven mitts and let cool.

Steps 13-14

13. Adhere the flower cufflink on the wrist cuff with acrylic glue.

14. Spray the cool wrist cuff with window cleaner and polish it using a soft cloth.

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