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Ceramic Lipstick

Patty Barnett shapes clay into a tube of lipstick and glazes and fires it in a kiln to make the ceramic lipstick look real.

Materials and Tools:

greenware clay
under glazes: shiny black, pink, red or peach
clear glaze
containers to hold glazes
dispersing agent
liquid luster (or gold or silver leaf)
craft knife

Step 1


1. Roll a scrap piece of clay into a long coil or snake.

Step 2

2. Cut the snake a bit longer than a tube of real lipstick.

Steps 3-5

3. Let the clay dry enough to be able to carve it.

4. Shape the top, middle and bottom of the lipstick with a craft knife.

5. Let the lipstick dry to a leather hard stage.

Step 6

6. Bisque-fire the lipstick in the kiln for 12 hours. Let cool. Note: Shape your ceramic lipstick in any desired size.

Step 7

7. Dip the bottom of the lipstick into shiny black glaze. Dip the top into pink, red or peach glaze.

Step 8

8. Glaze-fire the lipstick in the kiln. Let cool.

Step 9

9. Paint the luster in the middle of the lipstick to resemble the metal part of a lipstick tube.

  • Note: You could also paint the middle of the lipstick with gold or silver leaf instead of the luster and eliminate the final firing.

Step 10

10. Fire the ceramic lipstick in the kiln. Let cool.

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