Weddings Closer to Home

Read these tips from real-life brides who have "been there, done that" and have practical tips and advice to share with anyone planning a wedding.

Classic Elegance in Chocolate and Brown

Caroline's Story: "Casey and I both wanted our wedding to be a classic, elegant affair. It was magnificent, in chocolate brown and ivory, with a touch of ice blue details. It was beyond what I could have ever dreamed my wedding would be."


Her Tips:

Make sure you can dance (and walk!) in your dress: "Mine weighed almost 17 pounds, and I think I got the best work out of my life dancing all night in that thing."

Get along with parents and in-laws: "Planning a wedding can be very stressful for some brides. Keep things in perspective and understand that you may have to compromise on the little things. Try your best to be flexible and creative."

Take pictures before the wedding ceremony: "I know many people would argue with me on this one, but I was so happy that I took this advice. My husband, Casey, and I met in a private room before pictures began, so we were able to have that tearful, emotional moment of the first glance at each other. We then went into two hours of pictures while my makeup was fresh, and our smiles were strong. I didn't feel right making guests wait in between the ceremony and reception, nor did I want to miss half of the reception by taking pictures. We were so pleased that we could spend every moment of the wedding and reception with our guests."

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