Caribbean-Style Craftsman Bedroom

How do you blend Craftsman architecture with Caribbean style? With color, creativity and just the right accessories.

  • Cheryl Harrington's Craftsman-style house has been decorated except for her bedroom. She wants to transform the space with a Caribbean style.
  • Interior designer Lee Snijders, with some help from design coordinators Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge, revitalizes the Craftsman elements in the space and makes them work with the new tropical theme.
  • A new wicker chair in the corner sits underneath a hanging spider plant.
  • Baltzer builds wooden boxes with palm leaf cutouts to go over the existing sconces.
  • The oversize vanity is replaced with a smaller console with three drawers and bamboo trim that matches the new bedside table.
  • Snijders creates an art panel to hang over the bed using banana leaf baskets, which he cuts into flat panels and glues onto plywood.


    • Lamps from Lamps Plus
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