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Shibori-Dyed Art Quilts

Judith Content's artistic eye finds serene landscapes in hand-dyed fabric. Tips for dyeing fabric at home.

Quilt maker Judith Content's wallhangings take inspiration from Japanese culture. The wallhangings often take the shape of traditional kimonos. Through hand painting and careful piecing, these art-quality quilts are designed to evoke emotion.

Dyeing Your Own Fabric
If you're considering dyeing fabric at home, keep these things in mind when shopping for pots:

  • An enamel-covered pot is wonderful, but it will rust in any spot that gets a chip. Rust can make the dye do strange things, so a chipped enamel-coated pot wouldn't be useable.
  • Stainless steel pots are another way to go. When you stir fabric in the pot, use a stainless steel or wooden spoon. After each use, clean the pot with window cleaner.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE - Once you've used a pot for dye, never use it to prepare food.

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