Sleek, Contemporary Family Room

See how a family room goes from plain and boring basement to sleek and contemporary entertainment room.

After: Modern Storage Display

Now this wall really pops. The sleek hanging display cabinets take care of the need for display storage, while creating some interest on a very large plain wall. The lines of the boxes are all about simple, clean, modern design, yet the wallpaper that has been applied to the doors is fun, textural and classic. The new contemporary, ethnic look is definitely reflected in this project. The display area in the corner is now cleverly used as a light source for the room.

ICI paint colors used:

Rogue Blue

Products from Ikea:

barstools, Sune
footstools, Tylisand Fist with cover
rug, Fanby
side tables, Lack
paper lanterns, Orgel

Products from Z Gallerie:

coffee table, Concentric

Products from Urban Home:

round footstool, Primitive

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