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Gardening Water Tools

Wild ways to get the maximum use of water in your gardening chores.

The Noodlehead sprinkler is a curious-looking watering device that allows you to water even the most irregularly shaped lawn or garden without wasting water. Just adjust the "noodles" in any number of different directions, or all in one direction! And if you need it elevated, the riser extends the Noodlehead from eight to 24 inches.

Wish you had a sink outdoors? Now there’s an outdoor sink that firmly attaches to an exterior wall using supplied brackets. Then you just hook the hose up and you’ve got a fully functioning sink. The flexible wand makes it easy to water plants or wash your hands, and the water drains right out the bottom. Two shelves on either side of the sink support up to 20 pounds.

Need some power behind your water for serious washing? Try a pressurized washer. Gas-powered models are heavy and noisy, but the electric equivalent is lightweight and relatively quiet. It still delivers considerable pressure--all that most homeowners need for cleaning paved surfaces, fences, decks, even windows.

For safety’s sake, get a unit with a built-in GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, which protects against accidental shock. Most power washers include adjustable wands and a detergent dispenser for jobs that require extra cleaning power.

outdoor sink - Vertex
electric pressure washer - Black & Decker


    • Noodlehead sprinkler from Noodlehead
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