Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen

A drab kitchen gets a Tuscan-inspired makeover with warm colors and natural textures.

Before: Rustic but Bland

Kathy and Mark Grzelak fill their lives with family, music and great food in a home that's decorated to suit their eclectic style. They love to cook, but their outdated kitchen doesn't lend itself to a comfortable cooking experience. The countertops are old and cracked, the colors are bland and there is too much clutter.

Kathy's father built these cabinets from trees in their backyard in Michigan about a year before he died, and the rustic hardwood floor complements the custom cabinetry. However, the drab colors and cracked countertops can go. The vintage stove is a cool element in the room. The Design on a Dime team warms up the kitchen with an Old World feel.

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