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"Flutterbye" Seahorse Ornament

Amy Wood sculpts a polymer clay "Flutterbye" seahorse ornament.

Materials and Tools:

handmade plaster mold of an original designed seahorse body
polymer clay
duct tape
black and purple acrylic paint
clear glitter paint
wire cutters, scissors, craft knife
clay shaping tools
bent oval piece of brass
round-nose pliers
paper wing template
clear industrial strength crafter's glue
black string

Step 1


1. Press conditioned polymer clay between two halves of the original seahorse mold. Trim away the excess with a craft knife. Remove the clay shape from the mold.

Step 2

2. Hand-shape the nose and horns using clay-shaping tools. Use a bent oval piece of brass to press in the eye shape.

Step 3

3. Cut a piece of wire and bend it around round-nose pliers to create a hanging loop. Insert the wire hook into the seahorse's back for hanging.

Step 4

4. Cut four pieces of 20-gauge wire according to the pattern and lay out it out on the pattern to form the support of the wing structure.

Step 5

5. Place the wire between two layers of duct tape. Press it flat and cut out the edges of the tape to resemble bat wings. The rigid wings with wire veins inside forms the wing structure.

Steps 6-7

6. Press the wings into clay body shape and remove them.

7. This forms holes to glue the wings in after the clay has been baked.

Step 8

8. Bake the polymer clay seahorse dragon in an oven at 275 F for 20 min. Allow to cool.

Step 9

9. Glue the wings into the holes with clear industrial strength crafter's glue.

Steps 10-11

10. Paint the eyes with black acrylic paint. Allow to dry. Apply clear gloss to the eyes.

11. Paint a base coat of purple acrylic paint on the body. Let dry.

Steps 12-13

12. Paint on clear glitter paint over the base coat. Let dry.

13. Attach a black string to the hook on the back of the "Flutterbye" seahorse ornament. You now have a finished hanging ornament seahorse-dragon.

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