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Origami Memory Card

Suzanne Cahill embellishes her origami-folded card with scrapbook-type memorabilia.

Materials and Tools:

2, 4" square mat board pieces
handmade paper
20" black satin ribbon
double-stick tape
2, 8" square pieces of card stock in one color
8" square piece of card stock in a second color
8-1/2" x 11" card stock
black-and-white photos no larger than 3" x 3"
desired quotes
scrapbooking embellishments
skeleton leaves
black pigment stamper's ink


1. Cover both 4-inch square mat board pieces with handmade paper. These will be the front and back covers of the card.

2. Create a fold in all three 8 inch square pieces of card stock for the inside. Start with one piece of card stock and fold it diagonally. Note: Steps 2-6 will be repeated for all three 8-inch pieces of card stock.

3. Open it up and turn it over so that the peak fold faces up.

4. Fold it in half edge to edge. Unfold.

5. Fold the card stock in half the other way. Unfold. Hold the paper by the two corners of the diagonal fold and push them toward the center.

6. The card stock will fold into a 4-inch square with a pop up in the center. Repeat the origami-folding technique for the remaining two 8-inch card stock squares.

7. Attach all three pieces of card stock at the corners with double-stick tape. Use the two similar colors for the outside and the second color for the middle. These pages will create the inside of the card.

8. Cut the 20-inch piece of black satin ribbon into two 10-inch pieces. Attach one piece of satin ribbon to the inside of the front cover and the other piece to the inside of the back cover with double-stick tape. The ribbons will tie in a bow to keep the card closed.

9. Attach the front and back covers to the outside corners of the assembled, pre-folded inside of the card.

10. Embellish the inside of the origami memory card with black-and-white photos, memorabilia, quotes and other scrapbook-type embellishments. Attach each with double-stick tape.

11. Embellish the front cover with a photo, skeleton leaf and a printed saying.

12. The origami card should fold up neatly into a 4-inch square. Tie the ribbon into a bow to fasten.

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