Trash to Treasure: Old Headboards

Sasha Andreev shows host Joan Steffend some interesting ways to decorate with recycled headboards.

  • A plain desk is dressed up by adding a piece of headboard to the back. Both pieces are painted and then aging glaze is applied to blend the pieces together.
  • An old footboard is made into a multipurpose wall mirror. The side panels of the footboard are adorned with mosaic tile and miscellaneous items. On the right, an old salt shaker is made into a vase, and to the left, a small plate is used for a soap dish. A swan-shaped ring holder is also built into the design. The footboard's original paint color is kept for additional character.
  • A garden arbor is made from an old daybed and some other found objects. The back of the daybed was cut down to make the top piece. The railings are made from the sides of the daybed. The railings are held onto old porch posts with conduit clamps.


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