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Trash to Gardener's Treasure

Marianne Binetti shows how you can reuse and create items to organize garden supplies.

You've heard that old saying "one man's trash is another's treasure." Author and gardening authority Marianne Binetti visits with Paul James to show how one man's trash can be a gardener's treasure!

An old door, a child's old desk, cracked plastic garbage cans, rusty tools. These are just a few of the items most people would put out for the trash pickup. But Marianne is a master recycler when it comes to creating useful garden gear for getting organized.

Take these two cracked plastic garbage cans. Add a plastic liner to make them waterproof and they're perfect for storing items like fertilizer or potting soil.

An old door? Place it across two garbage cans and you have a planting table!

Mismatched drawers make great potting flats. Just drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and add your seeding pots, or plant directly in them. They're easily portable so you can carry them in and out of the house to harden off your seedlings
in the spring.

Bubble wrap? It has great insulating properties and makes a good drape for tender plants on cold nights when supported with old chairs and windows.

Here, a child's desk gets covered with recycled oil cloth and fitted with shoe box drawers, also covered with oil cloth to make them waterproof. Attach a few recycled dishwasher baskets and voila — you have convenient storage for all your gardening necessities.

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