Adding Character to Landscapes

Here are just of few of the non-plant features in a garden landscape that, when used wisely, can add both visual strength and character.

  • Bonsai clearly demonstrate visual strength and character in ways no other single plant group can.
  • Water features provide a tremendous amount of visual interest.
  • Stone boulders make a powerful statement.
  • Stone walls powerful statement with their varied textures, forms and functions.
  • Stone paths provides visual bounderies and borders to landscaping.
  • Large driftwood pieces are used as specimens.
  • Fences provide visual strength and character and serve as a backdrop for plants.
  • Pottery can add visual interest.
  • Stones: Statues and Sculptures
  • Upright branching patterns show visual strength.
  • Multiple trunks that feature exfoliating bark, like river birches, are a winning combination.
  • Visual strength and character can refer to more delicate forms and textures as well, such as the leaves of a Japanese maple. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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