Do-It-Yourself Charm

Big do-it-yourself ideas can expand any space. Check out a tiny bungalow with Hollywood glamour, a little house with a big dance floor, a coffee table that's more than meets the eye and a modern mini-loft in New York.

  • Viewing several spaces from one room gives the happy illusion of a larger home.
  • Open shelving and ceramic art objects against this all-white palette add a gallery look to the space.
  • Take advantage of the walls in a small space; they can transform unused space into hidden storage or a place to display collections.
  • The bottom cubbies hold storage and shoes slip underneath when taken off on the way in.
  • Closing off areas from each other creates cozy nooks and a more intimate setting.
  • The wood used in this furniture is a bamboo plywood. It's a sustainable resource because bamboo is a grass that can be harvested without killing the plant.
  • Tanaka found that 105 degrees is the perfect angle for reclining: the happy balance between a church pew and the dentist's chair.
  • Tanaka has this table positioned in her apartment so it also functions as a visual divider between adjacent spaces.
  • The oversized diamond pattern on the floor is a key stylistic feature. Combined with bright colors and mirrors everywhere, the eye is kept entertained in this modestly sized living room.
  • Although sometimes "character" is a euphemism for "very small rooms," Miles Andrews finds a way to make her space work for her.


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