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Pickin' Berries Necklace

Charles Norman Pinckney strings garnet beads to his pickin' berries necklace.

Materials and Tools:

titanium rod
sterling silver wire
garnet beads
rotary tool
annealing pan with flame stone
pickle solution in crock-pot
casting crucible
container of water for quenching
round-nose pliers
wire cutters

Step 1


1. Place a 1-1/4 inch piece of titanium rod in a vise. Notch the two ends of the rod using a rotary-tool grinder.

Steps 2-3

2. Make two sterling-silver jump rings.

3. Collect small pieces of sterling. Place the sterling pieces in a casting crucible placed inside an annealing pan and melt them with the torch.

Step 4

4. Hold the titanium rod using soldering tweezers and lower it in a vertical position into the molten silver.

5. Allow the molten silver to cool until hard, then remove and repeat the procedure on the other end of the titanium rod.

6. Place the piece in the pickle, then rinse and clean the piece.

Step 7

7. Solder the jump rings to the top of each silver end piece of the necklace.

Step 8

8. Wrap a piece of silver wire once around one side of a pair of round-nose pliers, then around itself to create an eyelet. Snip off the short end of the wire using wire cutters.

Step 10

9. Insert the straight end of wire through one of the jump rings on one of the silver ends. Fill the space between the jump rings with beads, stringing them on the wire. Insert the wire through the other jump ring.

10. Twist the wire around the round-nose pliers as before, then wrap it around itself and cut off the excess wire.

Step 11

11. Attach the pickin' berries necklace chain to each jump ring.


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