Lighten Up the Living Room for Spring

Hosts Matt Fox and Shari Hiller have some great projects to replace the dark and heavy colors and textures of winter with the light and bright colors of spring.

Bonus Idea: Wheatgrass Bowl

- River rocks, sand, soil, etc. also work well as filler.
- Keep grass/soil damp and trim wilting grass.
- Wheatgrass can be found in health food stores, juice bars and online. Order a few days ahead to get a whole flat.

Materials and Tools:

pedestal bowl - The Arbor (
reindeer moss
garden shears


1. Loosen wheatgrass from tray and flip upside down. Place plate on top and cut around the edge.
2. If bowl has a deep depression, add reindeer moss as filler underneath.
3. Place circle of wheatgrass into bowl. Clean edges of bowl and display.

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