Lighten Up the Living Room for Spring

Hosts Matt Fox and Shari Hiller have some great projects to replace the dark and heavy colors and textures of winter with the light and bright colors of spring.

Submerged Orchid Display

Materials and Tools:

2 Cymbidium orchid stalks
1 deep glass vase/cylinder
floral wire
small plant frog
garden shears


1. Fill vase halfway with water and put into position. Overlap stems so the flowers appear to be one continuous stem. Wire the stems together.
2. Cut stems so both are just below bottom flower. Note: Measure first to determine how long the stem can be for the container. Remove flowers as needed so the entire arrangement fits into the vase.
3. Push cut ends onto a plant frog, and then lower the stalks into the water. Fill cylinder with water until entire plant is covered.

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