Lighten Up the Living Room for Spring

Hosts Matt Fox and Shari Hiller have some great projects to replace the dark and heavy colors and textures of winter with the light and bright colors of spring.

Indoor Fountain

Materials and Tools:

sealed/glazed bowl or vessel (we regret specifics aren't available)
water pump
heavy gauge wire screen
tin snips
mesh screen
small river rocks
tumbled glass
pre-drilled large stone
plastic flange and tubing


1. Add pump to the bottom center of the bowl. Cut wire screen using tin snips to fit inside below the edge.
2. Insert the flange and tubing into the pre-drilled (approximately 3/4-inch) hole in the stone. Place it in the bowl, connecting it to the pump as you do.
3. Cut mesh screen to cover wire so no rocks/glass fall through. Cover surface with river rocks and tumbled glass.

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