Lighten Up the Living Room for Spring

Hosts Matt Fox and Shari Hiller have some great projects to replace the dark and heavy colors and textures of winter with the light and bright colors of spring.

Customized Shelf Backs

- If shelves aren't exact rectangles, make a template with kraft paper.
- Change fabric with seasons for different looks.
- Cut cardboard from a fold in a box for an easier fit.

Materials and Tools:
large piece of cardboard
matte knife
light-colored fabric (Milky Green suit fabric, product #862839) - Jo-Ann, ETC.
measuring tape
carpet tape (thin)

1. Measure dimensions of shelf back and cut cardboard to fit.
2. Lay cardboard on back side of fabric. Cut fabric one inch larger on all sides.
3. Place strips of carpet tape on all four edges of cardboard and remove liner to expose top side of tape.
4. Fold edges of fabric over and press onto tape.

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