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Tidy Up With New Tools

Check out Paul James' newest tools to tidy up your yard.

"High winds last night created a real mess here at my place," says Paul James. "Leaves are scattered everywhere, and there are quite a few fallen branches as well." A nifty new combination chipper, shredder and vacuum can help him tidy up in no time.

As a chipper, it chomps twigs and branches up to three inches in diameter. As a shredder, it gobbles up all the leaves you feed into the chute. And as a vacuum, it sucks up lawn debris, even dreaded sweet gum balls. Best of all, it’s all collected in a bag and comes out as ready-made mulch!

For bigger branches, check out this curious-looking new device (right). It’s an electric-powered chainsaw that bites into branches up to four inches thick and leaves behind a clean cut. It’s safer to use than conventional chainsaws thanks to the protective upper and lower covers on the jaws. It grabs branches and cuts them in one continuous motion.

And if mosquitoes really bug you, try the solar-powered Mosquito Guard. It emits a high frequency sound that keeps pesky bugs away.

wood chipper - Troy-Bilt
electric chainsaw
(Alligator lopper, LP1000) - Black & Decker
electronic mosquito repeller
(GMT-SC106) - King Solar

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