Bathroom with a Tropical Flair

A dated bathroom goes from plain-old ugly to beach-cottage beautiful.

Before: Bad Taste in the Bathroom

After several months of living in their new home, Beth and Gadi Beer can’t take it anymore –– the bathroom has got to go! Fortunately, they’ve got designer Krista Watterworth, carpenter Marc Bartolomeo and their design plan that will turn this ugly green latrine into a beach-cottage sanctuary.

This bathroom is a sensory overload of bad taste. You can smell the old mothballs, feel the fuzzy wallpaper, and see the tacky green tile and golden-beige fixtures. The room is not only ugly, but it is also impractical. The shower is very confined, the floor tile is slippery, and there is no bathtub. Outside the doorway is a closet area that the homeowners consider an enormous waste of space. They don’t use it at all, although it is nearly as big as the bathroom.

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