Asian-Inspired Bedroom

See how one couple's bedroom gets turned into the serene Asian-inspired space of their dreams.

After: Stylishly Serene

Now it's a serene, romantic space, exactly what Carrie and Stephen had in mind. New matching Asian-themed nightstands and lamps on either side of the bed provide a stylish balance that was non-existent before. Soft curtains behind the bed cover the outdated blinds, and new bed linens in bold red and black really pop. The mirrors are now covered in custom-made, handpainted paper that adds an extra spark of warmth to the space. The dog kennels, hamper baskets and television are now hidden within a one-of-a-kind entertainment unit custom-built by Ashe, and the treadmill has been moved into another room.

Products from Kmart:

bedding, Martha Stewart Home Bed in an Bag, 02659864425

Products from Crate & Barrel:

table lamps, Taikado

Products from Ikea:

dresser and bedside table, Malm
shelves, Lack
rug, Kipenhamn

Products from Innovations Wall Coverings:

wallpaper, Allegory Beech


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