Simple, Bold Boys' Bath

A dated yellow and brown bath gets redone in earthy, primary colors.

Before: Brown and Yellow Disaster

When Gina’s husband, Gabe, goes out of town, he doesn’t worry about her buying clothes and shoes. He worries about what wall she’s going to knock down. The last time he was on a business trip, she tore down a divider wall in the bathroom and started to peel up the old tile. She hates this bathroom and can't wait to have it remodeled, so she has started chipping away at it little by little. Designer Krista Watterworth and carpenter Marc Bartolomeo are ready to do a lot of chipping away to transform this tacky tiled bathroom into a masterpiece for the couple's three growing boys.

This bathroom is supposed to be for couple’s three young boys, but the boys don't like to use it. They find the brown and yellow room ugly and unexciting. There are also has some health and safety issues. There is no exhaust fan, so mold is starting to grow on the shower walls. In addition, the 1970s, brown-tile floor and tub surround are very slippery, and the couple worries about the kids falling.


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