Bachelorette Living Room

Two college buddies are ready to graduate from dorm-room hand-me-downs to funky bachelorette pad. See what color and organization can do for this dull living room.

  • Donovan and Cozzi brought their furniture together when they moved in, set it down and haven't done anything with the room since.
  • The dull neutral living room has been transformed into a fun, vibrant bachelorette pad with color and organization.
  • Cooper gets the magazines off the floor and onto the wall with a wall-mounted magazine rack.
  • Azhar and Edwards team up to transform the fireplace and wall around it using glass mosaic tiles in white, sky blue and silver.
  • Cooper creates an original piece of artwork with a little help from a projector and tracing paper.
  • For extra mobile seating that tucks away when not in use, Azhar builds a white laminate coffee table with two ottomans that slide under each side.
  • The chandelier replaces an outdated ceiling fan and adds a funky modern centerpiece to the ceiling.


    • Lighting from Midwest Lamp Parts
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