Top 10 Landscaping Tips From Get Out, Way Out!

Watch Get Out, Way Out! on HGTV and see the extreme makeovers here.

  • Transform the mood of your backyard with accent lighting.
  • Escape the boxy, rigid look of a traditional garden by using curved planter beds.
  • For a fresh new look make a series of small changes in the shape of your garden.
  • Find bargains at re-sale stores.
  • A simple water feature will add romance to your backyard.
  • In addition to accessories and flowers, color and texture can come from cedar mulch.
  • Keep plants healthy with simple pruning and removal of excess or diseased growth.
  • Instead of tearing out concrete, change the space with a chemical stain or use painting techniques to mimick the look of flagstone or slate.
  • Planting annuals that self-sow can provide color year after year without breaking your budget. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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