Toning Down for a Sale

See how the experts tone down an old military house to get it ready for market.

Before: Cramped Space

Potential buyers want to see space. But with two big, bulky couches in this living room, there is hardly any space at all. In fact, when you open the front door, it actually hits one of the couches. Another couch is blocking the room's best feature — the large picture window. What's more, the clutter of electronics around the entertainment center accentuates the room's small size. And just because this home used to be military housing doesn't mean it has to have camouflage walls. When selling a home, wall colors should be neutral. The dining room (not shown) also has camouflage walls and a clutter problem. The kitchen cart doesn't fit in very well, and it could make a buyer think there is not enough storage in the home.

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