Organic Living Room

Organic elements such as cherry wood, linen fabric and live plants turn a contemporary condo into a welcoming, modern home.

  • Before
  • After
  • The cabinet conceals the TV and other electronics, in keeping with the clean lines of modern design.
  • To care for a staghorn fern, you simply mist the moss around the base, and it will thrive.
  • The limbs are attached to a pine box that houses the lighting element and supports the linen shade.
  • Two coats of sealer on the marble will allow for easy care and cleanup.
  • To incorporate a fun pattern, Cooper block-prints a band near the bottom of the panels and onto coordinated sofa pillows, too.
  • The designer mixed three tablespoons of resin, three tablespoons of hardener and a drop of color, poured it into the mold and lets it harden.


    • Wood products from Wood World
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