Organic Living Room

Organic elements such as cherry wood, linen fabric and live plants turn a contemporary condo into a welcoming, modern home.

A Good Start

Sandy Ruiz loves her spacious Chicago condo, but she isn't sure what to do with her large living area. She has spent a lot of time working on big projects in her home, such as replacing floors and appliances, but decorating has taken a back seat. The Design on a Dime team ties the space together with coral accents and fresh plants, and a new room divider separates the living room from her office area — all for less than $1,000.

The Dilemma
Ruiz loves the spacious floor plan and graceful arches but realizes that her living area needs a lot of work. She likes a contemporary, modern style with clean lines and bright colors, but her walls are bare, and the space feels unfinished. The room is lacking details and doesn't feel like home yet. She wants a natural, organic style. In particular, she needs additional seating, better lighting and a more attractive TV stand.

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