Victorian Cottage Space

Host Joan Steffend and designer Debra Pesek add Victorian cottage charm and a girlie touch to a masculine-fueled home.

  • With the help of host Joan Steffend, carpenter Jeff Meyer and less than $500, designer Debra Pesek has transformed a room engulfed with camouflage into a feminine sanctuary filled with romance.
  • The makeover starts by painting the walls a soft shade of lavender.
  • Guests to this home will now sleep underneath a canopy of roses.
  • Pink velour curtains are hung in front of the window. Above it, a copper rod is held up by two antique doorknobs.
  • A small, old end table is cut down the middle to make two unique wall shelves.
  • An architectural hall tree is made from an old door.
  • A full-length bed cart made from an old door is the perfect spot for a cozy breakfast in bed.
  • Old hand mirrors are hung on the walls and scattered around the room, along with some pretty accessories and floral arrangements.


    • Debra Pesek
      Designer, Tinker Bella
      Minneapolis, MN 55406
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