Condo Turnaround

A spacious condo is stylishly spiffed up to make it market-ready.

A Place to Run

Homeowners Danielle and Terry Ham have two young, active boys who need a place to run. That's why their condo isn't working for them anymore –– they need a house with a yard. The family has lived in the three-bedroom, two-bath condo for nearly three years. The open floor plan, large windows and big bedrooms ought to provide plenty of room to appeal to potential buyers.

The homeowners thought their condo was ready to sell until real estate expert Shannon Freeman showed up. She finds that the living room's best assets are hidden by too much furniture and kids' toys. She also thinks the white walls and vertical blinds are just plain dull and need to go. Moving into the bathroom, she says that the light fixtures are dated and the countertop is boring and generic. The peeling wallpaper could make a potential buyer think there is water damage. Upon entering the kitchen, Freeman notices dirty grout, shabby cabinets and missing hardware. She thinks a new paint job and a good cleaning could make this room really sparkle.

Designer Lisa LaPorta agrees with Freeman's critique and has a plan to take this condo from generic to gorgeous.

Step 1: Warm up the living room with new window treatments and a coat of paint to make the fireplace pop out.

Step 2: In the bathroom, replace the dated light bars, lose the wallpaper, and bring in a new countertop.

Step 3: Paint the kitchen cabinets, give them new hardware, then fix up the backsplash.

Carpenters Brooks Utley and Steve Hanneman roll up their sleeves and prepare to make the changes that will make this condo shine.

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