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Gardening Gadgets and Gizmos

Master gardener Paul James has some new gardening gadgets and gizmos designed to make your gardening quicker and easier.

This time-saving, space-saving multi-tool is four tools in one: a leaf rake, garden rake, hoe/cultivator, and broom!

The various steel attachments connect quickly and easily to one handle. Plus, they’re substantial, well-made tools that handle well.

Several different manufacturers offer these multi-tool products, and they’re great for gardeners who have limited storage space or don’t want to carry three or four different tools to the garden.

This clever hose-storage gizmo is unique, functional and, as Paul says, "downright strange-looking." Mount it on a wall or tree, loop your hose into the openings and you’ve got 100 feet of hose ready to roll.

The tip bag is handy for gathering garden refuse, which you can then "tip" into the compost pile. (We can thank our English friends for the "tip" terminology.)

This bag has a hard-shell base with holes for drainage. It’s made of mildew-resistant material and collapses on itself for easy storage, going from 28 inches tall to only three inches tall. It also features padded handles and a third handle on the bottom of the bag for easy "tipping" or dumping in the compost pile.

Another English garden term is trug, which refers to a wooden basket made for carrying fruits and vegetables. This trug is made of recycled plastic and is great for more than toting fruits and vegetables. It also hauls and pours water!

This heavy-duty, durable hose-end sprinkler is so tough the manufacturer claims you can drive a car over it! Even better: you can easily adjust the water stream from soft to coarse.

Check out this new edging material. It’s made of flexible fiberglass so it won’t rust, warp or rot. And since the color is embedded into the material, it won’t crack, peel or fade. Installation is simple (it bends easily to make rounded corners) and there are no sharp edges, which makes it extra safe.

This new trenching/digging tool is lightweight at just over three pounds, so it won’t wear you out as quickly as a conventional, heavier hoe.

This curious-looking gizmo is designed to rake rocks— perfectly! It gathers rocks between three-quarters of an inch to four-inches in diameter in the top three inches of soil. Then you use the basket-shaped head to scoop them up and deposit them elsewhere.

And last but not least there’s the power rake. When raking leaves it’s a back saver, as it glides over leaves on the push stroke; on the pull stroke the upper shield prevents leaves from tumbling over the tines, all without having to lift the rake at all.

This tool also does a good job of raking and leveling soil, even dethatching the lawn. And it features a rotating grip that reduces wrist strain.

tree-gripping hose storage - Gecko's Toes
tip bag - Fiskars
tub trug - Plow & Hearth
power rake - Lee Valley & Veritas

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