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Polymer Clay Festive Pen

Martha Aleo embellishes a stick pen with colorful polymer clay.

Materials and Tools:

slicing blade
pasta machine
disposable aluminum baking pan
card stock
bright colors of polymer clay
stick pen

Steps 1-2


1. Condition two blocks of white and green clay. Roll sheets of each on the thickest setting of the pasta machine.

2. Cut two right angle triangles from the white clay and two from the green clay. Stack the green triangles and the white triangles on top of one another and arrange them to form a square with the long sides of the triangles together.

Step 3

3. Fold the square in the middle so that white touches white and green touches green. With all colors touching the pasta machine, run the clay through.

Steps 4-5

4. Fold the clay top to bottom in the same direction and continue running it through the pasta machine about 20 times to blend the colors into a skinner blend.

5. Roll the skinner blend to a #6 thickness on the pasta machine.

Step 7

6. Remove the ink cartridge from the stick pen with pliers.

7. Cut a piece of the skinner blend to fit around pen, trimming it with a clay blade. Butt the seam together. Smooth the seam with your fingers.

Step 8

8. Make a purple ball of clay (18mm) or any desired color and secure it on the top of the pen, blending the clay together so it will adhere.

9. Hide the seam with pieces of the stacked canes. Decorate the ball with tiny pieces of cane.

Steps 10-12

10. Make several types of canes such as skinner blend jelly roll canes, black-and-white jelly rolls, bulls eye canes in bright colors and stacked canes which are layers of two highly-contrasting colors like black-and-white or blue-and-pink.

11. Roll the canes out until they are very thin, about the diameter of 6mm to 12 mm beads.

12. Cut off thin slices and apply them over the pen.

Step 14

13. Place the pen on an accordion folded piece of card stock in a disposable aluminum-baking pan. Bake the pen for one hour in the oven following the suggested temperature by the manufacturer. Cool the pen.

14. Replace the barrel ink cartridge in the polymer clay festive pen barrel.


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