Peaceful, Welcoming Bedroom

Host Joan Steffend and designer Shayne Barsness transform a grandmother's cluttered bedroom into a more peaceful and welcoming space, while also organizing her bonus room.

  • With the help of host Joan Steffend, carpenter Jeff Meyer and less than $500, designer Shayne Barsness has turned this grandmother's cluttered bedroom into a more peaceful, welcoming space.
  • The new putty-colored walls make a perfect backdrop for the homeowner's new/old furniture.
  • The small, basement-size windows are given a special faux treatment to make them look longer.
  • A lot of texture is used in the bedding to create a classic, elegant look.
  • Some minor repairs are done to the homeowner's old chair.
  • Leftover wall paint is used to paint a diamond pattern on the closet doors.
  • Accent mirrors are given the same faux-finish treatment as the dressers and then bejeweled with upholstery tacks.
  • In her spare time, the homeowner enjoys photography.


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