Retro Kitchen

Host Joan Steffend and designer Todd Pinzuti help complete a partially renovated kitchen by giving it an updated 1950s retro look.

  • The couple hates their butcher-block countertop, and the seating in the dinette area doesn't work well.
  • The homeowner told Joan she didn't like blue, but she likes this shade of blue because it reminds her of Tiffany's, the famous jewelry store.
  • The homeowner's old kitchen table is transformed into a center island.
  • The old laminate backsplash is replaced with laminate flooring.
  • The homeowners didn't like the butcher block section of their countertop — they found it very unsanitary.
  • The unusual window treatments are made by cutting retro-style fabric into long strips.
  • A pair of old kitchen cabinets is transformed into banquette seating.
  • The doors in the corner of the room are turned into a kid-friendly space.


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