Create a Tropical Living Room

Their home state inspires the living/dining room makeover for two Hawaiian brothers. See what colors, textures and styles come together in their new tropical contemporary space.

  • The brothers have a modern leather sofa, but the rest of the furniture is mismatched and could be replaced or refurbished.
  • The revamped room feels much larger and open without the futon and office in it, and it now has a proper dining area.
  • The TV now sits on an armoire, which provides ample storage for all their CDs, DVDs and games, which were previously stacked on their mantel and TV stand.
  • After building a frame within the posts where the wet bar was, Burbridge creates a unique countertop.
  • Dark-brown raffia and stain turn the unfinished wooden chest into a sophisticated, tropical-looking coffee table, while still providing storage.
  • A dining table and four chairs replace the cluttered computer and desk that was previously in this space.
  • Burbridge bought a plain clear glass bar set, a pitcher and four pilsner glasses, which he etches for a frosted look.


    • Beads from Kit Kraft
    • Wallpaper from Wallpapers To Go
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