Modern Guest Bedroom

Strings, a balloon, carpet remnants and galvanized pipes — these materials and a lot of design creativity transform this space into a modern industrial guest bedroom.

  • The orange walls are too bright, the closets doors are the wrong style, and the cubbyholes above the closet are a waste of space.
  • The dramatic red, white and black color scheme and the modern industrial touches add up to a guest room that's both bold and comfortable.
  • Cooper found a cool, modern light fixture in a designer showroom for $750 — way beyond the budget — so he decides to replicate it with some string, a punch balloon and $60 in materials.
  • Meanwhile, Edwards makes two other chandelier-type fixtures starting with large oval paper shades, from which she removes the paper to use only the metal frames.
  • Azhar finds a fabulous, plush, white carpet remnant to which he adds a splash of red with a bathmat.
  • In lieu of a headboard, Edwards designs a bolster pillow covering a galvanized pipe attached to the wall.
  • Cooper created this abstract art to go above the bed using scrap medium density fiberboard (MDF), some pieces of hardwood and splashes and scribbles of paint.
  • To reinforce the industrial theme, 1/2-inch galvanized pipes are attached to the brick wall in an abstract pattern.


    • Carpeting from Rexx Rug
    • Lighting from Chicago Lighting Warehouse
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