Bachelor Pad Living Room

A cityscape theme with cool lighting turns this ordinary living room into a hip, modern bachelor pad.

  • McShea defines his current design as "lack of imagination."
  • Interior designer Brice Cooper, with the help of design coordinators Kelly Edwards and Ali Azhar, brings in geometric skyline shapes, muted city tones and textured stone elements that make the view feel like an extension of the living room.
  • The media wall is inspired by the cityscape view with intersecting planes that mimic a skyline.
  • Azhar creates a unique pair of lamps that bring a gentle glow to the room.
  • Edwards turns an ordinary bookcase into a moveable bar.
  • This narrow, unused wall now serves several purposes with a multifunctional organizer.
  • Cooper found a modern floor lamp that mimics the shape of a skyscraper.


    • Brick veneer from Crawford Material Co.
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