Bachelor Pad Living Room

A cityscape theme with cool lighting turns this ordinary living room into a hip, modern bachelor pad.

Before: Urban Camouflage

Chris McShea's downtown living room has a fantastic view of the Chicago skyline, but the rest of the room needs some help. He wants a simple, modern style with an eye-catching design, but nothing over the top. The Design on a Dime team comes up with cool lighting, funky furniture and practical storage that make his living room a hip and functional bachelor pad.

The Dilemma
He really likes the view out the sliding glass doors that lead to the balcony, and he likes his two brown leather sofas. The walls are painted two odd shades of green (urban camouflage?) but are otherwise blank. The track lighting doesn't work, so one table lamp provides the only lighting for the room.


    • Brick veneer from Crawford Material Co.
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