Modern Home Office

A home office doesn't have to be all business — it can be fun, too. Host Karen McAloon reshapes an office space into a versatile room that can be used for both work and play.

Before: Glaring Problems

A drab home office contributes to homeowner Marci Wright's work-day doldrums. Host Karen McAloon shows that the office doesn't have to be all about business; it can be a fun place to entertain as well. With some paint and salvaged materials, the Design Remix team streamlines the space into a sophisticated, eclectic office that can double as a dining room.

People commonly place a desk in front of a window to take advantage of the view. It's certainly nice to have the natural light, but glare can make using a computer difficult. In Wright's office, she had also placed all the furniture around the edges of the room, which actually makes it seem smaller. The fireplace is a natural focal point in the room, but the stark white painted brick robs the room of any depth.

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