Making Space for Serious Style

When space is small, the little things mean a lot. See a stylish alternative to wallpaper in New York, a revamped San Francisco basement apartment, a cabin with a view in Toronto and a Chicago artist's miniature design.

  • James and David maintain "controlled clutter" in their small home with tons of clever storage.
  • Even the bed makes a great storage solution.
  • The wood trim that borders each painting gives the gallery a unique, cohesive look.
  • This basement is a stylish studio apartment and home office.
  • In small places, use uncommon elements — personality expands space.
  • The bathroom may be small, but it has all the amenities of a relaxing spa.
  • This green cabin is a great place to to enjoy the sunset with its 180 degrees of windows.
  • A green roof helps the cabin blend in perfectly with it surroundings.
  • This artist uses her living room to showcase her current pieces.
  • Krista's art studio doubles as her dining room.


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