Cozy, Modern and Traditional Family Room

Modern lines meet traditional country colors in this cozy family room.

Shabby Country Frames

Lee paints some picture frames to add a shabby, country touch to the room for Jennifer. He paints the ornate wooden frames with white primer and then applies different faux finishes to each one. On the first frame, he coats a brush with blue paint, blots most of the paint onto a rag and then lightly brushes the remaining paint on the frame, allowing white to show through in some spots. On the second frame, he applies the blue paint more liberally and then wipes some off with steel wool. And on the third frame, he applies the blue paint liberally and wipes it off with a rag, leaving paint in the low points. The frames are displayed on the new modern shelves that Snijders has hung for an eclectic mix of styles.

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